Trees in Black & White

Trees come in many colors and they change their colors (leaves) depending upon the time of year. So why shoot trees in black & white instead of color? To capture mood during a certain time of year. For me, trees in the winter time beg to be shot using black and white. Normally in winter, especially hardwood trees in northern climates shed their leaves. They stand bare against the elements. Throw in some snow, fog or mist and mood dominates the scene. For some, this time of year seems melancholy and trees cooperate by spreading this feeling. How many horror movies have you watched where bare winter trees are depicted to give you the sense of something wicked is coming soon? Bare trees in winter can set the stage for some fine landscape pictures too. Try shooting some trees in black and white and see what you think. Color can always be used in another season, but for now, think black and white.  Here are a couple of black and white tree pictures to get a feel for what I have been talking about!


P1000489 Pecan Tree 2014-01-10T11_09_51


About grcolts

Landscape, Nature and Fine Art Photography- I am a hiker with a camera enjoying both the out-of-doors and the art of photography.
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